Day: November 10, 2017

How to Install Solar Panels – What to Know

You already know that the amount of sunlight that strikes your photovoltaic panel is what counts as far as the amount of generated energy is concerned. To get the most from sunny days, however, you have to take under consideration certain aspects, other than the location where you set the panel: the sun moves on the sky throughout the day, so there are times during the day when your board generates less energy. However, there are solutions to this issue.

In this article, you will learn a bit about how to mount your solar systems Adelaide to capture the most sunlight. Another thing which counts is the mounting system you have. You may not have thought about it, but there is more than just one way to mount your panel.

The easiest and cheapest would be the fixed mount. This type does not give your panel any mobility, however, so your solar energy generator will be stationary while the light source travels through the sky during the day. If, however, you opt-in for that you should keep in mind that the panel must face south if your location is in the northern hemisphere and north if you live in the southern one and that true south or north is not the same with magnetic south or north.

What do I mean by that? Well, it says that true south is the direction towards the southern end of the axis about which Planet Earth rotates. Magnetic south is the direction to the south magnetic pole, some distance away from the south geographic pole.

You have to tilt your panel to an angle equal to the latitude value of your location. Calculate precisely, since, after all, you are building a fixed mount, and cannot move it later.

But if you feel like making something more practical, you should consider building an adjustable solar panel mount, to which you can change the angle and position if required. According to specialists, it’s not a requirement that you change the tilt more than twice a year. It’s also recommended changing the angle by +15 degrees in the winter and 15 degrees in the summer to grow the efficiency of the solar panel you built by yourself by one quarter.

Sure, there are also tracking systems that are more sophisticated and expensive than the first two described above. Such amount is set to automatically track the path of the sun during the day to maximise the solar radiation that the Solar systems Adelaide receive.

However, it’s not recommended to spend a considerable amount on an elaborate mount, especially if you are at your first solar panel. After all, with the extra money spent on a tracking mount, you could just as well buy several other panels and fix them on a cheaper mount. For more information on solar installation, visit this helpful site.