The Functions of a Retaining Wall

What do you know about retaining walls? If you have driven around Brisbane, then am sure you have seen these walls. You probably have several in your neighbourhood. Why should you bother designing and building a retaining wall? Well, retaining walls are often found in areas where extra support is critical to prevent the earth from moving downhill with erosion. Therefore, the most basic function of a retaining wall is to battle gravity. Retaining wall can also:


Manage Water Runoff


Retaining walls help to slow the flow of rainwater. This way, they can increase the usability of your garden and lawn care. Brisbane homeowners can keep polluted street water out of nearby rivers by installing a water-thirsty retaining wall system with a garden incorporated in the design.


Provide Usable Land


For many years, people have used retaining wall techniques to create terraces of usable land on hilly or sloping areas. By designing a solid, substantial retaining wall, you can make your landscape or sloped land usable. When you have a level area, landscaping becomes easy, and this also creates more space.



Provide Extra Seating


Once your retaining wall is up, it may offer several unanticipated benefits; landscaping seating is a good example. Depending on the location of your wall, it may prove to be a good sitting space when chatting with your family and friends.


If you are contemplating if you should build a retaining wall, you might consider designing one, if;


  1. You need a way to control erosion. If erosion materials are clogging critical areas on your property, adding a retaining wall is a great idea. Retaining walls minimise erosion by decreasing the slope angle and holding back the soil.


  1. Your house is downhill from soil fault lines. Even if erosion is not an imminent threat, thinking ahead of any disaster may save the day. In an earthquake, land slips away from fault lines. If your home is built downhill from a fault line, a retaining wall can offer the stability as any landscaper will tell you, thereby giving you peace of mind.


  1. A sliding hill is threatening your foundation. Soil erosion can threaten your property’s foundation. If the soil around a downhill foundation is washing away, a retaining wall can help. In such cases, building a retaining wall is a perfect idea.


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