How to Tell If Your Glass Windows Need Replacement

No matter how much you love and value your glass windows, there comes a time when you have no choice than to accept that it needs replacement. Yes, windows do not last forever, which applies to all other things you love. While there are times when a window glass repair – is still feasible, the following signs point to replacement:

1 – You notice drafts in the windows.

glass repairIt may be true that even a newly installed window allows some air in and out, but if it already reaches the point of you feeling or noticing it, then it is a sign that a replacement is in order. Know that a drafty window affects the temperature inside the home, which in turn forces your HVAC system to work harder than it is supposed to. If you do not seek a replacement for your window panes, you end up paying high energy bills.

2 – You find it difficult to open or close the windows.

If you have old windows at home, specifically those with a single-hung or double-hung design, it is normal to experience balance issues after a few years. The balance issue is the cause of the difficulty to open or close it. Likewise, rotting and rusting are two possible causes, both of which compels you to have your windows replaced.

3 – There is a presence of condensation in between the glass panes.

Once you notice that your glass windows begin to fog and there is condensation in the glazing, you are staring at a seal failure. There are instances when the problem still qualifies for glass repair –, but only a qualified technician or professional can make that assessment. Keep in mind that when seals fail, there is a tendency for moisture to enter the space between the glass panes, thereby creating condensation. Another sign of seal failure is when you notice frost or the build-up of ice during the cold months. As soon as the professional determines that there already is a significant compromise on the insulating capacity of the window, it means the only solution is to have that window replaced.

4 – You feel like there is lots of noise coming from the outside.

One of the signs of a window that no longer has sufficient sealing or insulation is when there is an increase in noise transmission. For instance, if you wake up one morning and start to realise that you hear the vehicles on the busy street outside more than you used to, then it comes your windows are already incapable of providing adequate noise protection. If that is the case, you have no other course of action than to have the windows replaced, unless you can live with the extra noise inside.