How to Choose the Right PABX System for Your Small Business

When shopping around for a PABX system for your company, you need to look at all of the different features offered and compare them to your business’ needs. Since traditional phone lines, like those found in residences, won’t work for a usual business, it’s important to have a phone system in place. Without a telecommunications system, employees won’t be able to make outgoing calls at the same time or receive inbound calls on the same line. A PABX phone system significantly increases company efficiency.

A traditional PABX system handles the number of extensions needed on a line. Even small businesses can utilise a branch exchange system so that each employee has an extension. This facility can also give a smaller business a large company feel as clients see a phone system in use rather than a separate line set up.

Benefits of using a PABX system for a small business

Most every business starts out small. An idea is generated and a company slowly built. Eventually, that company may explode and become extremely large, but not all businesses make a big break. That doesn’t mean your clients can’t think they’re working with a big time business. One of the ways to give that impression is with an impressive phone system.

Clients will not be impressed if they have to leave voicemail messages and don’t get a return call on the weekend because your business doesn’t have call forwarding. Nor will they be impressed if they constantly receive a busy signal when trying to reach you. That’s why a branch exchange phone system is important, even for a small business.

Types of systems available for a small business

In-house PBX systems are installed in your office. You must buy all of the equipment and software needed to run the system, but once you pay for it, you own it forever. The smallest systems can typically provide up to 14 extensions. The downside to this is that you will need to upgrade your system should your company expand rapidly and require more phone extensions than you originally purchased.

Virtual PBX systems have lower upfront costs because there is no equipment or software to buy. You only need to pay a monthly fee to have the phone extensions hosted by the provider. The upside to this is that if you grow exponentially in your first few years, you can easily upgrade your service. However, if you cancel with one provider to move to another, you could end up losing any toll-free numbers currently supplied to you by the PABX vendor.

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